About Me

Image with a framed quote that says 'Every day is a new beginning'
Mirror selfie in a Tokyo subway station
Picture of a mannequin in a shop-window wearing a t-shirt that says 'The future is female'

Growing up all I ever wanted to be was a florist and even though I ended up somewhere completely different, I always like to think that’s where my path started. I've always had an affinity for presenting and framing up content; a skill that served me well when I was training to be a chef, and when a few detours later I found myself creating data visualizations in a corporate environment.

I‘m a creator and evangelist at hart and have a keen eye for the seemingly small details. I create engaging content, I’m a community builder and thrive on learning new technologies and tools, and discovering their potential. My creativity is my biggest driver and what fuels my imagination. Getting back into web development as a pastime has been my favorite adventure to date; and while I may not know yet where it will take me, I’m having fun figuring it all out and making new connections along the way.